American Football

I don’t look at track listings until I single out the best ones. So I couldn’t decide if it’s good or bad that, when I hear the trumpet enter on “The Summer Ends”, my mind drifts to hazy evenings of late Augusts past, as if on cue. But of course it’s good: the best music can awaken even the most dormant of memories, and all the feelings latched to them. At the time comprised of college students, this band is intimate with the sentiments that weigh on teenagers as they await the plunge into the next school year. But instead of slathering those emotions over the album with reckless abandon, American Football works through them using conversational lyrics and tight riffs. Thus, the songs walk a satisfying tightrope between happy and somber, each an elegy for the past without contempt for the present.

[“Never Meant”, “Honestly?”, “You Know I Should Be Leaving Soon”, “The One With The Wurlitzer”]