You might need convincing before lending your ears to an under-20-something pouring her heart out. Lindsey Jordan accomplishes this in under a minute, her voice balancing effortlessly the power of Hayley Williams with the sharpened tenderness of Taylor Swift. It’s perfect for the task at hand: crystallizing wisdom from the patterns of teenage emotions, as if preparing these words – “Who’s your type of girl?” “Don’t you like me for me?” – for a specific target. It comes wrapped (never smothered) in sublime indie guitar, a remarkably clean tone that single-handedly wards off the label “lo-fi”. Layered chords – in lock-step with Jordan’s sentiment – change verse to verse as they spiral skywards like billowing air from summer asphalt. I’d give her extra credit for the french horn and ocarina(?), but Jordan is done with high school, and I can’t wait to hear her as she grow up.

[“Speaking Terms”, “Heat Wave”]